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I will take no responibility for any damage done by using the Information or Content provided. Use at your own risk.

This Site contains mainly lua-Scripts for a Mod of Minecraft called ComputerCraft.
ComputerCraft is developed and maintained by Daniel "dan200" Ratcliffe and his Team.

Some Scripts are WIP (Work in Progress) or even just short snippets not intended to run on their own.
Other Scripts may require specific files to function. Please read and know a program before using it.

Creative Commons License

All Content that was created by me is distributed and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Files that differ in any way (License, Copyright, Author,...) have according information in the Header.

If i should ever have the time i will try to create a proper Website with more information. This is just a placeholder for now (probably the next few years).